Lockdown Lifesaver Bundle

Lockdown Lifesaver Bundle

We all know that lockdown signifies the absence of overseas holidays. But you can still let your skin enjoy a little time off from the mundane with this bundle. A holiday for your skin every day!

With the combination of lockdown stress and skin issues due to mandatory masks – a simplified skincare routine is now more important than ever.

This special skincare pack is your solution: Face Exfoliant, Hydrating Mist, and Face Oil.

1. Face Exfoliant
Superfine pumice, rice husks and detoxifying clay will buff away any impurities and remove dry skin cells, to reveal a brighter looking complexion. For best use, gently massage the product over slightly dampened face three times a week. For an extra detox, leave the exfoliator on for five minutes before rinsing. During lockdown, mask wearing creates the perfect environment for bacteria to grow, hence why exfoliating is essential! Follow with Hydrating Mist; Healthy Glow Face Oil and/or your favourite Seven Islands Moisturiser.

2. Hydrating Mist
Looking for a quick light cleanse during your mask-wearing day? Simply spray the mist onto a cotton pad and gently wipe over your skin for a hydrating pick-me-up and to remove surface bacteria. Then follow with a fine spritz to refresh skin and provide extra nutrients. You can continue spritzing and refreshing as needed throughout the day! It’s multi-use purpose is the beauty of this spectacular product (1. Cleanse/tone, 2. Spritz before putting mandatory mask back on, and throughout the day as needed). Optional: Follow with your favourite Seven Islands moisturiser before replacing your face mask.

As part of your daily skincare routine, spritz your mist and follow with Healthy Glow Face Oil and/or your favourite Seven Islands Moisturiser!

3. Face Oil
The key to a healthy, youthful glow lies within our nourishing face oil which encourages your skin’s collagen production and elasticity. Its ingredients include: Olive Squalane – nature’s facelift to help reduce the appearance of fine lines. CoQ10 – powerful antioxidant that increases cell renewal. Bisabolol – a derivative of chamomile; it's soothing moisturising texture helps restore skin's radiance. The best part, is the light finish to ensure your skin does not feel overwhelmed nor greasy. A stunning multi-use product as this is doubles as a gorgeous daily eye treatment. Two products in one!

Tip: During lockdown and mandatory mask wearing, use a clean mask each day and ensure cotton masks are washed after each use. If wearing all day, try to swap to a new mask half way through the day.

Since we can all do with a much-needed skincare treat, enjoy all of this for an amazing $80!

Face exfoliant 50ml
Hydrating mist 125ml 
Face oil 30ml 
All this for $80 (Usually $90)

This Lockdown Lifesaver Bundle comes in a reusable Seven Islands calico pouch.

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All natural Seven Islands Skincare is safe, paraben-free, phthalate-free, toxin-free, cruelty-free and Australian made, we've listed all our ingredients for you.

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