Anne Marshall is the brilliant creator of the luxurious Seven Islands Skincare range. Her journey began as a beauty therapist who always had a passion for skincare which contained quality ingredients sourced from nature.  Anne describes her inclination for creating her own skincare range as one that evolved from the inability to find equally great products on the market.

“It was hard to get exactly what I wanted in a natural or organic product. When I thought I had found the right 'all natural' product, I'd soon find out they weren't as natural as they had claimed.”

Together with Anne’s affinity for organic skincare and her in depth knowledge of the beauty industry she was determined to create an all natural product that actually did what it claimed to do, unlike so many other products on the market. 

Seven Islands Skincare is formulated with the highest quality ingredients sourced from nature. This luxurious all natural skincare range is tried, tested and researched by Anne herself. There are no nasty chemicals and Seven Islands does not test on animals either.

The inspiration for Seven Islands comes from the Mediterranean. Anne created the range with the idea that she wanted to give her customers skin a break from synthetics, chemicals, pollution and stress.  The name Seven Islands is derived from Anne’s greek heritage from her father’s side. Greece was the very first place where she created her first product for the skincare line and it remains the inspiration behind the brand.

Handmade in Australia, Seven Islands Skincare is constantly working towards developing the range to one day include face care products amongst other things. Luxurious all natural skincare will always be at the forefront of our brand.