• Winter Skincare Tips

    Winter has arrived.The air is getting drier and the wind is getting colder.Here are my top tips to look after your skin this winter:Keep it simple. For me - the cold is generally much less motivating than the warmer weather. If you are anything like me, you'll be less likely to stick to a complicated routine. Exfoliate your skin twice a week. As dry skin builds up quickly in cold weather, exfoliating is the key to keeping dry skin under control. Considering this only extends your shower or bath by seconds, this is a quick and effective way to get the...

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  • Why choose natural skincare?

      It’s no secret I love all things skincare, especially natural skincare. But why? What’s the point of it all?   Consider this… the average woman applies almost 200 chemicals and synthetics on her skin each day through cosmetics, perfume, skin care products and hair care products. Even more importantly, these can build up in your body and contribute to your toxic load. Not all of these chemicals will be harmful, but yes, some will be.   Ask yourself, is it worth potentially harming your health with synthetic ingredients when you could just as easily be using something natural? For...

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  • Meditation Made Simple

    First, clear your mind and think about NOTHING. Just kidding – have you ever heard anything more ridiculous? The very second I tell myself to clear my thoughts - I immediately start to wonder if I’m doing it right or if my mind is clear enough. Forget it – you won’t get any of that here!
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  • My Top 5 Ingredients to Avoid in Skincare

    Once upon a time... I used whatever I wanted on my skin. I thought that if an ingredient was harmful, surely it would not be allowed into our skincare... Right...?   Wrong.   Surprisingly, skincare is a largely unregulated industry, meaning that it's up to the consumer to make informed choices. Years ago, when I was diagnosed with endometriosis by my wonderful doctor, I was advised that it was worth looking into and cleaning up my skincare. The reason for this is that there are harmful ingredients that can seep into our bloodstream via our skin.   Once in our...

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  • Gluten-free and dairy-free living when you LOVE food....


    Please note I was under medical supervision and this was the result of intolerances and allergies that were affecting my health.____________________________I remember coming home one day and talking through my new dietary changes with my husband... no more gluten, dairy or refined sugars. GAH! My husband and I almost had a breakdown... we LOVE our food, cooking and eating out. Whatever were we to do?! Someone told me it would eventually become second nature and I thought... yerrrright. We live in a time of the 'intolerance'... so dietary requirements are very easily catered for in our supermarkets and restaurants... but that...

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  • Essential Lifestyle Tips for Great Skin

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    Lifestyle Tips for Great SkinOur skin is our largest organ... so it's little wonder that our lifestyle factors can affect the skin we're in.Chances are – if you're feeling great, you're also looking great (woot woot!). Aaand the opposite is often true, if you're feeling dull, you're probably looking dull too, (Uh oh.... hellooooo makeup and lippie!)Your skin can tell a lot about your age and health. So - let's jump in and have a look at some everyday things you can do to look your best! Hydrate - from the insideSkin cells contain water, so lack of hydration will...

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