We all want flawless looking skin and there are so many ways to support your skin health.

I could talk about skincare all day, but let's avoid the overwhelm and look at three ways to improve your skincare routine.

1. Healthy skin starts from within (true story). The food you eat and your everyday lifestyle are often a true reflection of what is happening to your skin. A terrible diet or those who smoke and/or drink alcohol regularly will rarely have healthy or radiant skin. Sometimes, for example, you can tell someone is a smoker just by looking at their skin. Keep hydrated and active and eat various whole foods, fruit and vegetables.

2. Exfoliating once or twice a week will help to remove old skin cells, dirt, oil, pollution and leftover products from your skin. Removing all this will allow all your other skincare products to work much more effectively as they don’t have a barrier of dead skin and pollution to get through! Exfoliating also encourages cell renewal and gives your skin a much smoother finish. If you follow me regularly, you’ll know I can’t say enough good things about exfoliating, and it’s for a good reason! Try yours today!

3. Know your skin! Nourished, well-looked-after skin equals happy, healthy skin. Even oily skin needs nourishment to help heal the skin – and of course, if you have dry skin, your skin will need something extra. ALL skin types need to be nurtured and nourished in the most effective way that works for you.

Don’t know your skin type? Find out yours here, or please get in touch with me. I love talking about all things skin and am only too happy to help!

All the best for your journey to healthy and glowing skin!
Written by Anne Marshall

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