Let's clear up one thing before we get started (I love a good pun)... it’s not just teenagers who can suffer from acne; adults can also suffer.

What actually is acne? Acne is when a follicle in your skin clogs with oil and dead skin cells. Sometimes it’s minor and could be referred to as pimples. But when a significant amount of bacteria, inflammation or cysts are involved, it’s referred to as acne. It’s often accompanied by hormonal changes but can also be triggered by stress, diet and lifestyle.

While teenage skin and adult skin are not the same, they can still absolutely benefit from some of same recommendations.

Firstly, never squeeze your acne! Oh I know – it’s sometimes just simply too hard to resist the desire to squeeze, pick and prick pimples and acne, but it really can lead to further damage and always increases redness. Squeezing can push the infection deep into the skin and it can also spread bacteria and germs further onto the skin. Also, if not done correctly, it will take much longer to heal than if you let that poor old pimple just run its course.

To flush away toxins that build up in the body (and often show up on your skin) you must drink lots of water and eat plenty of whole foods, fruits and vegetables.

We need to keep healthy on the inside to keep healthy on the outside. Optimum health will show on the outside in addition to your feeling of well-being.
You also have everything to gain by cutting back on refined sugars.

Sugar is a known inflammatory, and acne is an inflammatory condition, so please don’t add any more fuel to the fire. Sugar can also disrupt your hormones that can in-turn worsen acne, so refined sugars really are a no-go!

It doesn't matter your age, if you are suffering from acne, stress is not going to help the situation. Stress can cause changes in your hormones, which can then affect any underlying skin conditions, including acne. Being under significant stress will also slow the body's natural healing process. 
Try as much as possible to reduce stress and keep a positive mindset. Get outside into the fresh air and sunshine to help clear your mind. Never be afraid to ask for help or to share your woes. A problem shared is a problem halved. 

Keep your skin clean by cleansing at least once a day. No matter how oily your skin is, you will still need a gentle cleanser so your skin doesn’t dry out and produce more dry skin cells or even that will add to other gunk clogging your pores.

I recommend lightly exfoliating to keep your skin clean, even tone and clear. If you have pustular, inflamed acne, you will want to use products containing AHA’s and BHA’s to dissolve impurities and dead skin more gently.

You 100% need to moisturise your skin, yes, even acne.

I will repeat that – YES, you 100% need to moisturise your skin, even acne.

Cleansers and face washes, especially those designed for acne, can still strip the skin of natural oils – and what this does, is cause your skin to produce MORE oil, which is precisely what we do not want - so this has to be counteracted with nourishment.

We want calm and balanced skin in optimal shape to begin the healing process. Skin (all skin types) needs moisture to aid the healing process. It's a fact that nourished skin will always heal faster than drier skin.

Suppose you are terrified of wasting more money on moisturisers that don’t work for you? Give my Harmony and Balance Moisturiser a go! It comes with a Happiness Guarantee – love it or return it. I have sold hundreds to both teens and adults who have significantly benefited from their skin being calmer and lightly nourished to support the skin’s natural balance.

As I mentioned earlier, if these tips do not work for you, it may be that you need further support from a healthcare professional or a reputable dermatologist to investigate your overall hormones and health. 

Written by Anne Marshall

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