What do cat's have to do with self-care?

Ever noticed how cats are masters of self-care, demonstrating remarkable skill in maintaining their physical and mental well-being?! 

Meticulous grooming routines, instinctively seeking out cozy and secluded spots for rest, allowing them to recharge and unwind. 
 Considering we can't always live the stress-free life of a cat... here are some human pillars of self-care!
Physical Self-Care

Activities like exercise, skincare, and baths help with your physical state. And nothing beats being out in nature!

Emotional Self-Care

Self-care that nurtures your feelings and emotions. Think meditation, journaling and self compassion.
Mental Self-Care
Choose self-care activities that help to reduce stress, anxiety, and improve your mental state. Setting realistic goals, keeping track of lists and think about a note pad for beside the bed so you are not kept awake by a busy brain!
Social Self-Care
Don’t forget self-care can include your friends and loved ones! Spend quality time with people who make you feel loved and valued, and in turn do the same for them. Joining supportive communities is a great way to connect with like-minded individuals and can provide a sense of belonging and support.
Environmental Self-Care
This includes anything you do for fun, like hobbies, creative activities, and anything else you enjoy. Even consider the environment that surrounds you create a clean and clutter-free living and working space! 

You deserve it. You're welcome. 
Enjoy your day!
Anne :-)
Written by Anne Marshall