Exfoliating is a crucial step towards healthy, glowing skin.

Yet so many people miss this step...
Don't let it be you!

Here is a list of five reasons why we should all exfoliate at least once or twice a week.

1. It's an instant pick-me-up and glow!

Buffing away any dull impurities on the surface of your skin is the essence of a good exfoliation. Doing so, will make way for your fresh skin underneath to breathe and immediately shine through. Your skin will feel and look instantly smoother – a classic case of "look good, feel good!"

2. Reduce blackheads, whiteheads and clogged pores.

Worried about the pores on your skin? They’re here to stay and are one of your body's greatest detoxifying systems, but do not worry. To keep them looking clear and to reduce the build-up of excess sebum, dry skin cells and pollution on the surface of your skin that is clogging your pores – simply exfoliate!

3. Save money while looking younger!
(Who doesn't want more $$ in the bank?!)

The power of exfoliating is incredible.. seriously, it’s amazing! Not only will your moisturiser penetrate more efficiently, your serums, oils and treatments will be more powerful and you will eventually use LESS per application. Exfoliating is essentially a win, win situation. Introducing it within your skincare regime, will ultimately allow you get more value out of your skincare. Even better, it only needs to be used twice a week to work its magic. Another way exfoliating will help you look younger is that it increases cell turn over which slows as we age. Who wouldn't want to look younger for less?

4. Increase blood and lymphatic circulation.

Increasing your circulation bring nutrients and oxygen to the skin, but also, importantly - it carries the old toxins away. Exfoliating is a super way to detox your skin!

5. Even out your skin tone and help remove dry patches.

We all want natural and even-looking skin. But you and me both know that this can be hard to achieve. However! Exfoliating will remove any uneven and dry skin patches, instantly helping your skin look its best. Exfoliating away any dry patches, and evening your skin surface will make application of make-up a much easier process. Similarly, if you use fake tan, exfoliating will allow you to achieve a much more even glow. Keep skin feeling youthful, smooth and glowing all-day long!

I have formulated two exfoliators and both have proven to be extremely popular. The face exfoliant with fine rice husks and clay to keep you looking younger, and the body scrub with crushed olive seeds to keep your body smooth and supple!

And here is HOW to actually exfoliate....

I hosted a skincare workshop recently and one of the participants said she had my body scrub in her cupboard (yay!) but never used it because she didn't actually know what to do with it (not so yay). I am 100% sure she is not the only one - so read on to find out how to exfoliate properly.

I personally exfoliate in the shower, it's just easier in my opinion. Anyway... it's up to you, of course, so here goes:

For your face, the exfoliating step comes after cleansing. Start with a damp face, and squeeze a pea size of exfoliant from the tube into your fingertips, then rub both hands (just the fingertips) together. This way you spread the exfoliant onto your fingertips ready to use, the face is a small area, so the fingertip area is all that’s needed.

Massage the exfoliant over your face, starting SUPER gently. You may add a little more water to work it over your whole face and neck but please ensure you avoid your delicate eye area and any irritated skin.

If your skin feels like an extra detox, leave your Seven Islands exfoliant on for an extra five minutes so that the clay can work its magic and draw out any extra impurities.

Then rinse it all away – either with water only, or with the addition of a warm face washer.

Always follow with your hydrating mist, healthy glow face oil or your favourite Seven Islands face moisturiser to replenish your skin.

When it comes to exfoliating your body, do this in the shower. This time you’ll need a slightly larger amount, and I would do the body in sections. Otherwise you’ll lose a lot of scrub down the drain.

I’d say squeeze a five cent piece size into your hand, rub your hands together so there’s scrub all over your fingers and the palms of your hands. Then massage it over your arms, and everywhere else you want to scrub. And continue exfoliating your body in sections.

Again – as with the face, start SUPER gently or you’ll find it too rough. You only really want to be more vigorous on your feet and elbows for example. You’ll see what I mean when you use it, it’s rough - but if you vary your pressure you can adjust as you please, and have fantastic results.

Rinse thoroughly, dry off and follow with Seven Islands body lotion.


There you have it, my guide to exfoliating. Any questions, please let me know!

Quick note: If you have acne, broken skin or a flare up of rosacea or eczema, please allow these areas to heal before exfoliating.

Seven Islands Skincare
Written by Anne Marshall


So informative!! You know I’m obsessed with your scrubs, so thanks for taking the time to put this together!!

Andrea Aschner on Jul 24, 2022

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