Are you (quite literally) throwing money down the drain? I hope not!

If you’re using good quality skincare, you will only need to use a small amount per application. Same goes for the amount of products in your cupboard - you don't need a complicated routine for great skin. Less really can be more in terms of getting the best out of your skincare.

So how much SHOULD you be using? 

All below amounts refer to Seven Islands Skincare – because I know how much the packaging pumps out each time. I hope this helps!

Face cleanser – ½ pump. If you have a full face of make up, rinse and repeat. This is more effective than doing one cleanse with a heap of product that just runs down the sink!

Face mist – spritz two to three fine mists.

Face exfoliant – about a pea.
The more water you use, the more exfoliant will wash away before you get to massage it in. Start with only a tiny bit of water for maximum exfoliation! Read that again - and remember it for when you use your body scrub too.

Face oil – 2 drops. Two drops will be enough for most people, especially those of us who want to wear a face oil without looking like an oil slick! Apply two drops onto your fingers, massage into your fingertips and then press gently over your face and follow with your fave Seven Islands moisturiser. If it’s night time, and this is your night treatment then you could do three. Or if you just love to feel super nourished and don't mind the sheen, you may also prefer three drops.

Face moisturiser – one to two pumps. I personally do two pumps. If you find two pumps is not enough – then give it a few minutes before reapplying, this is more effective than trying to push three or four pumps into your face all at once. Also apply face moisturiser with your fingertips, please don't let me catch you lathering it all over your hands and then onto your face. The palms of your hands won't appreciate the anti-ageing properties as much as your face will ;-)

I hope this helps you get the most out of your skincare!

Written by: Anne Marshall
Written by Anne Marshall

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