I recently had someone ask me how to reduce their puffy eyes. This is the advice I gave them and I hope it helps you too.

Here are some things to help avoid the puff and also what to do if the puff has already started.

Do not put any skincare on your eyelids or right up close to your eyes. This can flare up sensitivities reeeally quickly. Your eye area is quite warm, so if you lightly put eye creams or serums around the eye bone - this is close enough because with the warmth of your skin, these products will gradually seep closer to the eye all on their own. If you put your creams too close to begin with, they seep into your eyes far too easily. 

Make sure ALL your make up and skincare has not expired. This is a big one as bacteria can build up in make up and end up on (and in!) your eyes, causing infections. 

Lead an overall healthy lifestyle with loads of fresh food, keep very hydrated, lots of sleep and some exercise to keep the blood flowing. This includes water between all your drinks when it's time to party!

Sleep! Try to get plenty of quality rest and sleep. If it’s every morning you have puffy eyes, you could try sleeping slightly elevated but it’s prob not ideal!

If the puff has started, and you have eye make up on already, wash your eyes with water or a very gentle eye make up remover. Cold compress! Try wetting a clean face washer, wring it out and pop it in the freezer for a bit and using it as a compress. Or just wet a face washer with iced water will also help do the trick. 

Very gently massage around your orbital (eye) bone… from the inside towards the outside. This can help drain any fluid. The perfect accessory for this (and bonus points for keeping it in the fridge!) is a cooling and refreshing rose quartz face roller.

Sliced cold cucumbers are also great - oh so fresh and not just an old wives tale.

Saline drops can also help if anything nasty has gotten into your eyes!

I hope this helps reduce the puff.

Written by: Anne Marshall
    Written by Anne Marshall

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