We all deserve every happiness in the world.

Nobody is more worthy of happiness than anybody else.
Think about that for a moment and let it sink in. 

You deserve as much happiness as the next person.

And the happier we are - the better our lives become.

Think about it, happy, kind and positive people are the ones we are most likely to be drawn to and they are also the ones who seem attract good things.

Let's all get some of this happiness for ourselves!

You have all heard me say Look for Silver Linings, and it’s one of the best pieces of advice my mum ever gave me. She lived by it, and I continue her legacy by living by it and sharing it.

If you are happy, you are grateful and you keep a positive outlook... this is beauty. Your inner beauty and your outer beauty.

Let's look at some daily habits that can help us feel happier!

Smile - It will brighten your day, and others around you will feel your energy (it works).

Think of three things to be grateful for each morning until this becomes a habit. You will feel SO good, and what a lovely way to start the day. Even on your worst days think about how grateful you are for your family, your home, your pet, your best friend or even that we live in a beautiful country or that hot cup of coffee each day. We truly do have so much to be grateful for and its easy to forget this when times are rough. Those silver linings are everywhere.

Exercise - even a small amount of physical activity will boost your energy levels and reduce stress. Any kind of movement will do (even dancing around the kitchen while cooking dinner!). Yes, I actually confess to doing this while I am cooking to help keep my toddler entertained. We both end up laughing, which is always a nice moment.

Drink water - flush out toxins and carry fresh nutrients to your cells. You’ll look and feel better for it if you keep your hydration up! 

Rest - you need to take breaks during the day and sleep at night. Take breaks away from your workspace to keep fresh and focused. Make sure you are getting sufficient sleep at night since your body regenerates while you are sleeping. You will all have heard me say that sleeping is healing. I’ll sneak in a nap anywhere I can!

Help someone or do something nice for them, and don’t expect anything in return. You’ll feel great, and so will they! Pay someone a compliment or share something you’ve learned with someone. Help someone with their shopping or assist them crossing a road. Even the smallest amount of kindness can go such a long way.

"Stop and smell the roses"Sadly many of us are overworked, and when our bodies can’t keep up with our fast-paced, crazy world, we automatically look for faults, errors, shortcomings, and defects. Flip these thoughts to the positive and you'll feel instantly better.

Begin with yourself. List all your good points (not just physical). Then realize all the good in being you. You're amazing, you're as worth as anybody else. 

Let's start our daily habits to happiness!

Written by: Anne Marshall
Written by Anne Marshall


Hi Anne
Also meant to ask you I use the oil which I love but when is the best time to put this on after I cleanse or after the moisturizer .can I use twice a day . please help me
sue xxxx

susan Lombard on Jan 21, 2024

Thanks Anne I loved reading this an inspiration to us all.we all feel down sometimes but will definitely remember your words.Thanks again..❤

susan Lombard on Jan 21, 2024

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