Where do you stand on the 'preservatives in skincare' band wagon?

Are you on or off? And do you even fully understand why you might be on or off?

Preservatives in skincare is always a hot topic, so let's nut this out.

It's very important to note that preservatives are essential to keep products safe and free from harmful bacteria, mould and fungi that can grow over time.

This prevent you spreading bacteria and therefore possible infection onto your skin straight from the bottle.

The fact is, if a product has water in it (or contains water based ingredients such as aloe vera or plant hydrosols), think of any cream or lotion that you own - it will need a preservative to keep you and your skin safe. 

All creams and lotions contain water so they must contain preservatives. 

If preservatives are so important, then why are people avoiding them? 

Sadly, like so many things – it's the scare mongerers out there that have misrepresented preservatives 'as a whole' as being dangerous, when in truth it’s only some that have been linked to health issues.

This is why we need to be informed as well as balanced in our attitudes. 

If you love lotions, creams and mists as much as I do, you'll love them even more knowing they are formulated safely with preservatives designed to protect you from infections caused by mould, fungus and bacteria :-) 

I am passionate about your safety and mine, which is why I include preservatives where they are needed. All preservatives used by Seven Islands Skincare are proven to be safe.

ALL preservatives in Seven Islands Skincare are Ecocert and Cosmos certified, you're welcome.
There is also a lot of misinformation on products themselves and in skincare advertising. If you see a cream or a lotion out there that says 'preservative free' this is a red flag that it's either hidden within other ingredients (why hide?) or there really isn't a preservative in there - but there should be!

Side note: The only products that do not require preservation are those made with oils and waxes only.

You know you're in good hands with Seven Islands Skincare :-)

I hope that sets a few things straight!

Written by: Anne Marshall
Written by Anne Marshall

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