Have you noticed that your once smooth and beautiful-looking feet are now feeling like they need a little TLC (especially after winter)? You’re definitely not the only one!

This spring, I’m recommending two of our best products, the exfoliating body scrub and foot cream, to create one killer combo. Say goodbye to cracked feet and hello to smooth soles this Spring. Ready to get to the bottom of this? Let’s dive in and see how these two products work so perfectly together.

The first step in transforming your feet is to scrub them.

Using our all-natural 
body scrub, the crushed olive seeds, clay and honey combine beautifully to purify and detox those feet. Simply apply a small amount (the size of a 5c piece) and rub the product thoroughly across all areas of your slightly damp foot. Massaging it in for just a minute or two, and then repeating with your other foot.

Doing so, will eliminate the build-up of dead skin cells and establish the feeling of radiant and renewed skin. Buffing away any dull impurities on your skin’s surface is the first step in feeling and looking good. Start your Spring off with a bang!

Tip: Adding an extra splash of water to the exfoliator will allow the product to work further into your skin and also make it easier to apply! 

Foot Cream for Cracked Feet 

Now that you have smooth feet to work with, it’s time to moisturise! But not with just any moisturiser. Since your feet tend to be the driest part of your body, using a targeted foot cream is essential, and of course, Seven Island’s Skincare has got the perfect one for you! 

This 100% natural foot cream is made up of the finest organic oils and shea, with a crisp citrus finish. Moisturising right after exfoliating is recommended, particularly when your skin is still damp. Not only will this combat dry, cracked feet but also hydrate and give your skin some much needed love. The feeling of baby-soft feet is one that is most certainly hard to beat! 

Killer Combo!

I (quite literally), believe this may just be the best combination and the answer to all your cracked feet problems! Having a consistent foot care regime is key, and Seven Islands Skincare has got you covered this Spring. We all know that lockdown won’t last forever, so now’s the perfect time to get your feet back on track. Spring is a time of sandals and thongs, and having smooth and dazzling feet will have you stepping out in the warmer weather looking your best!

Applying this combo two to three times a week is all that is needed to repair winter feet.

On a final note - when life gives you cracked feet, rub them in exfoliant and lather them in moisturiser for soft feet all-day long.

Keen to try this combo for yourself? Grab yours here! 
And of course, enjoy free shipping and afterpay.
Written by Anne Marshall

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