It all started with a handstand.

One Sunday morning my friend and I were in my living room and as kids do, we were competing to see who could hold their handstand the longest.

But then my mum saw it.

The all-telling spot of blood when my dress rode up over my head.

“Darling”, she said, ever so gently, “I think it’s time for Veronica to go home now”.

My single mum was thrown into explaining menstruation to her 10-year-old daughter. Buckets of tears followed. Mine and mums.

It all seemed so unfair, for years I went on to suffer with period pain. None of my friends could relate and it was years before any of them caught up.

The pain was debilitating one minute and gone the next. No pattern. No rhyme or reason. Endless doctors appointments, scans and doctors whispering to my mum that her daughter “must be making it up”.

My teenage years came and went.

My twenties came and went.

But you know what never went?

The pain, the appointments, the scans, the bad skin, the lack of answers.

Then came the fertility struggles.

Out of desperation, I went to see just One. More. Doctor.

This doctor discussed the possibility of endometriosis with me. Not many people would jump at the chance of surgery, but I positively skipped along to my laparoscopy.

And there it was…

Endometriosis. Multiple lesions all over my reproductive organs and my bowel.

I finally had a diagnosis. The relief in the recovery room from myself and my mum was palpable.

Even my mum admitted that she had started to wonder… what if I had made it all up?

I had some sad tears but they soon turned into buckets of happy tears because I had a diagnosis and I had a plan.

And… I was NOT crazy. I’ll say it again because I even started to think I was crackers myself – I was NOT CRAZY!

In addition to surgery, my Dr told me I had to clean up anything that could possibly be affecting my hormones from the outside. The two big things the Dr suggested were food and skincare.

I started reading, researching, digging and studying.

Did you know that the skincare industry is largely unregulated.. You could literally start your own brand and call it organic, even if not one ingredient is organic.

And did you know that it only takes takes 26 seconds for ingredients in skincare to reach your bloodstream.

I harnessed my 20 years of beauty therapy experience with my newfound knowledge… and started to make my own products.

I needed safe skincare that was up to my beauty therapist standards, and I needed to be 100% sure it was safe.

The first skincare product I made was in Greece. It was natural and it was pure.

And there you have it… Seven Islands Skincare was born. A holiday for your skin, every day.

At the age of 35 I found my calling. And I have never looked back.

My diagnosis does not define me, instead I allowed it to lead me to my two babies. My business baby, founding and running Seven Islands Skincare… and my human baby, my miracle baby girl after ten years of fertility struggles.

If you believe you may have endometriosis, please don’t give up. Debilitating pain is not normal.

And if you are looking for safe and natural skincare for yourself or your family – you know you can trust Seven Islands Skincare.

By purchasing from Seven Islands Skincare, you are supporting endometriosis research and awareness because I have partnered with, and support, Fight Endo Foundation with % of sales going to the charity.

If you suspect you have endometriosis, please see your medical professional. I am happy to share the details of my medical team upon request.

Written by:
Anne Marshall (Endo Warrior)

Written by Anne Marshall

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