Do you feel overwhelmed by skincare or perhaps you are just starting out?

I say keep it basic with just three essentials. You can either leave it at that or slowly build from there.

Firstly, lets get you cleansing and moisturising every day. Keeping your skin clean with a gentle yet effective cleanser is the first step in your routine. Many people look for a squeaky clean finish - but we do not want to strip your skin of its natural oils. Natural oils protect your skin and keep you looking youthful!

You will then need to replenish any moisture or natural oil lost throughout the day or throughout the cleansing process. Choose a moisturiser that works for you... something light if you have combination/oily skin; or something a tad richer for a drier skin. Your skin will heal and function much more effectively when it's moisturised and cared for.

Then twice a week after you cleanse, I want you to be exfoliating. This is the one step that will truly accelerate your skin health! Exfoliating will ensure the surface of your skin is clean, clear and free of any build up of oils or dry skin. It will also ensure that your moisturiser sinks straight in and doesn’t have to find its way through the build-up first!

This is a great start for beginners or if you want to stick to the bare essentials!

If you want to add to these basics - head to the website and take a look around.

Choose all natural, trustworthy products and your skin (and whole self) will thank you!

Questions about skincare? Let me know!

Written by: Anne Marshall
Written by Anne Marshall

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